Tooling Materials
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Burnham supports customers who make their own tool faces. You supply surface geometry and base plane envelope, we design the backup structure to your specifications.

Burnham fabricates "Ready-to Assemble" Cut Kits.  Kits are Waterjet cut to desired dimensions as specified by customer's supplied CAD data and / or drawings. 

Fiber Lok Fiberglass Thumb imgFiber-Lok™ Tooling Reinforcements are a collection of panels, tubes, angles, and tees that are fabricated from composite materials, which are well established in the composites industry. Boeing's  Joint Strike Fighter and F/A-18E/F, Northrop's B-2 & F-35, and Cessna are programs utilizing FIBER-LOK.

The Fiber-Lok™ Truss System provides design flexibility to the composite tooling industry. By utilizing the Truss System, 40% to 50% of a tool’s closed surfaces, which may be unavoidable with eggcrate designs, are eliminated. This improves the cure cycle efficiencies over the life of the tool.  In addition Truss structures many times can be lighter weight.